Reclaim your space. Reclaim your peace of mind. Always know where your keys are.

Audrey Saves Your Closet

reclaim your space. 

Reclaim your peace of mind.

Always know where your keys are.

Hello! I'm Audrey, a professional organizer servicing Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California areas. Declutter, purge, and optimize your home, office, or any space.

I will never judge you; I will guide and encourage you in assessing your belongings, and speed you along to a decluttered, reclaimed space.




  • 2 hour minimum per session.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance result in $40 cancellation fee.
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I am so impressed by Audrey! I have worked with several people on similar type jobs, and I must say that Audrey was superior in so many ways. Audrey is extremely efficient with her time. She is extremely persistent, but always in a very gentle manner. Audrey’s able to take personal and delicate matters and gently guide the client to make an objective decision quickly. Audrey is always on time. She is a workhorse. And very sensitive to the clients needs. I highly recommend Audrey.
— Brian P.
Audrey is an amazing organizer! I told her what I wanted, and while I worked through my sheet music, she created space in the rest of my apartment. She didn’t force me to throw anything out or give anything away, but gently encouraged me to let go of things I didn’t need. She even helped me take out the trash, recycling, and thrift store donations! I tried a different organizer once, and Audrey was more efficient and less expensive. Schedule her before she raises her rates - she’s a steal!
— Melanie C.
I have always considered myself to be an organized person, but my kitchen was an animal I wasn’t ready to tackle on my own. Audrey came in with great ideas, passion, professionalism and most importantly, patience. She was very hands on and lead me through the steps to make my space the most efficient and clutter-free possible. What I enjoyed the most was that Audrey was extremely collaborative and respectful; she included me in the entire process. I love my new clean, organized space! Thank you Audrey!
— Nicole S.